BEHIND THE LENS <br> Rid Burman x Regal Tiger
May 05, 2016

Rid Burman x Regal Tiger

Even if you haven’t heard of famed photographer Rid Burman, it’s likely that you’ve seen some of his stunning work. He’s been the master behind lens for a staggering array of editorial work, advertising, and celebrity photography, capturing shots for Vogue, Elle, Architectural Digest, Le Mill, and L’Oreal Paris, in addition to the being awarded “Photographer of the Year” by Vogue India. Needless to say, it was a dream come true to work with this uber-talented, groundbreaking photographer for our Regal Tiger 2016 debut collection photoshoot with model Alyssah Ali. Burman took some time out from behind the lens at Canoe Studios in New York for an exclusive Regal Tiger interview.

What has been your favorite shoot to date, and why?

My last campaign was with a high-end designer store in Mumbai called Le Mill. The model we worked with, Lakshmi Menon, is one of my very favorites. The Le Mill clothing was sensational and the lighting could not have been more beautiful. We shot at an incredible modern mansion called Panorama House, and chose to follow Lakshmi around the home so every shot feels stolen. Instead of a professional camera, I used a tiny toy amateur Leica that felt almost like another person in the room. Everything just seemed to work wonders that day.


Describe your photography aesthetic / style.

Experimental and deconstructive. I always look at the forms and shapes found in moments and strive to represent them in a unique way.


For the Regal Tiger shoot, what cameras did you use?

I like using a variety of formats when I’m shooting and use a lot on film. There’s just something so unpredictable and exciting about film as opposed to digital. For Regal Tiger, we landed on shooting digital on Hassleblad and Phase One systems. I also mixed in a couple of Leicas and an old school film Hassleblad for variety.


How did the aesthetic of Canoe Studios fit into the style for the shoot?

The studio was perfect and had a great vibe. We wanted the first shoot for the brand to be extremely simple and basic and to let the clothes really shine and show their own personality. It was really all about simplicity.


Talk about having to shoot with animals (the cockatoo) and how you managed to capture the perfect interaction between animal and model.

Two words: keep shooting! We wanted the interaction between Alyssah and the cockatoo to feel organic and simple, not staged or overly interactive. Fortunately, our cockatoo was very highly trained. I loved the exoticism it brought to the shots.


What was it like to work with Alyssah Ali?

She was absolutely stunning and very giving to the camera. She had a beautiful vibe going on and was so refreshing and easy to work with.


When your hectic calendar allows you to get away, what’s your favorite place to travel and unwind?

I love Spain, mainly the Ballaric Islands or Mallorca. Those are definitely my favorite places to escape and unwind.


What is your spirit animal?

Funny you should ask that. It’s the royal Bengal Tiger. I actually have a tattoo of one on my arm, so you know it’s the truth!


What’s the best tip you can give us non-models for how to look our best in photos?

My best advice is just to be natural. All too often I see women trying too hard in photos… making faces that just end up looking posed and unnatural. Be yourself, and let the camera do the work.


Regal Tiger couldn’t have been more humbled to work with Rid Burman for our 2016 debut collection photoshoot. His fresh aesthetic and raw talent perfectly captured the beauty of Alyssah Ali, bringing the essence of Regal Tiger into stunningly sharp focus.See more of Rid Burman’s impressive portfolio at



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