photo credit: Steve Winter

Panthera and Regal Tiger: A partnership founded on activism and rooted in luxury style.

Regal Tiger is proud to partner with Panthera, the world's leading organization dedicated to protecting wild cats and their vast landscapes. In 47 countries across four continents, Panthera deploys boots-on-the-ground efforts to safeguard the world's most imperiled wild cat species including tigers, lions, jaguars, leopards, snow leopards, pumas, and cheetahs, many of which are threatened or endangered.


Panthera's Story

narrated by Jeremy Irons

photo credit: Steve Winter

Panthera's wide-ranging conservation strategies are founded on science and tailored to suit each cat's individual behavior and ecology, the unique threats they face, the various landscapes they depend on, and the human communities they live alongside. Their safeguarding solutions include providing world-class site security training and technology to thwart poachers, partnering with governments and business to preserve crucial habitats, and developing innovative programs that engage local communities.

photo credit: Laila Bahaa (top), Luke Hunter (bottom)

Regal Tiger champions transparency. Unlike many brands that claim charity relationships in an attempt to boost their public perception and ultimately, benefit their bottom line we are proud to partner with Panthera. Regal tiger commits a minimum of 15% of total revenue to the Panthera organization with a clear idea of how these funds will be used.
We are committed to providing the confidence that each purchase makes a difference in the conservation of the world's wild cat population.Learn more about Panthera's groundbreaking efforts to conserve, stabilize and increase the world's imperiled big cat species.
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